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If you are considering filing for a divorce, or if you have been served with divorce papers, you may need the assistance of a compassionate and experienced Texas divorce lawyer who can provide you with the legal information and advice that you need.

The process does not have to be contentious and expensive. If both parties can come to an agreement on all issues, they can save the time, money and emotional trauma by filing an uncontested divorce.  Generally, Texas law requires a sixty day waiting period before granting your divorce. The Law Office of Aaron Weinmann offers flat fees for uncontested divorces in most cases and will assist with the drafting of legal documents reflecting your agreements.  The Decree of Divorce is a powerful document and it is always recommended to have an attorney when going through a divorce whether it is contested or uncontested.

If you are facing a contested divorce, you need to speak with legal counsel immediately. It is critical to have a attorney who can protect your interests throughout the process. At the Law Office of Aaron Weinmann, PLLC, we believe it is important to educate our clients about their rights. Call or email us today to schedule your initial consultation and to learn more about the divorce process.


Child Custody

When parents cannot agree as to what living situation is in the child’s best interest, courts make custody determinations by determining what is in the best interest of the children. Having a Houston divorce lawyer present can help your chances for custody.  An experienced divorce attorney will help explain the strengths and weaknesses of your child custody case, so that you can determine the best steps going forward.

Child Support

I can provide you with a full explanation of the Texas Child Support Guidelines, which determines how to calculate support. Several courts require one parent to pay child support regardless of the custody arrangement. Under Texas law, child support guidelines are  based on a percentage of your net monthly income. In some cases parents agree to non-guideline support in creative custody arrangements. In other cases it is in the children’s best interest that the court derive from child support guidelines.

 Property Division

Disputes over property are common. When a large number in value of marital assets are included, the complexity of the process and the opportunity for disputes increase. I assist clients with the division of large and small amounts of property.

Division of Debt

Most debt accumulated during the marriage is community debt and must be dealt with during the divorce in consultation with your divorce attorney. It is important to remember that even if debt is awarded to your spouse in the divorce, if your name remains on the debt, it will affect your credit if your spouse later refuses to pay. Often it is best to close all joint accounts rather than having one spouse make payments toward community debts.  It is important to consult with a family law attorney about the division of debt.

Spousal Support

Spousal support refers to payments made by one spouse to the other spouse on a monthly basis.  There are two types of spousal support in Texas. The first type is Chapter 8 spousal support, which is subject to statutory requirements and enforceable like child support.  The second is contractual spousal support, which is a contractual agreement between the parties. One type of spousal support may be better than the other depending on your situation. Therefore, it is important to speak with a Houston divorce attorney for advice regarding spousal support.


Hiring an attorney you can trust, that is passionate about representing your best interest can help ease the hardship accompanying a divorce.  Aaron Weinmann, PLLC can urge the court place a geographic restriction on the primary residence of the children. It is common for Harris County Courts to restrict the primary residence of the children to Harris and contiguous counties for so long as both parents live in Harris and contiguous counties. If one parent moves away, then the parent with the children is also free to move. A geographic restriction may also be lifted by the agreement of the parties or for good cause.


Getting a divorce in Texas can be challenging. The Law Office of Aaron Weinmann, PLLC  strives to make the entire process can run smoothly and swiftly. We will provide you with a no-obligation free case evaluation. Call us at 832-875-7309 or email us today!