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Child Support

Texas law requires parents to support their children. This applies whether the parents are married, divorced, or living separately.  It is extremely  important to understand the guidelines and the language of the child support arrangement prior to agreeing to a child support order.  Also, it is important not sign anything that you do not understand.  It is for this reason that you should scheduled a free consultation with Texas Child Support Lawyer Aaron Weinmann.

Texas Family Law Attorney’s  law firm we work with clients to make sure that awards are appropriate and based on full disclosure of the other parent’s resources. Clients can be assured that Aaron Weinmann will make sure they are treated fairly this sensitive matter and will advocate for their rights.

Whether you are being sued for back retroactive child support, are in arrears, need to enforce a order, either contesting or seeking to modify child support, or are concerned about the paternity of a child you are being asked to support, I can help.  Our law office is committed to providing high-quality service. We offer free consultations and payment plans in many situations.

Among the questions I can answer are:
  • What are the guidelines to calculate child support and how do they work?
  • How much can I receive or be required to pay?
  • How long will child support last?
  • What does the formula included in the guidelines cover?
  • Who pays for health insurance?
  • Who pays for extraordinary medical expenses?
  • What if the payer spouse is laid off or is fired from his or her job?
  • If either spouse gets a job that pays more, can support payments be changed?
  • Under what circumstances can child support payments be modified?
  • If I know that one of the children is not mine, what should I do?
  • When my ex remarries, does his or her obligation change?

For answers to these questions, and for any issues related to obtaining or how much you should be paying in support contact our child support lawyer at the Law Office of Aaron Weinmann, PLLC at (832)875-7309. You can also email us.