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Estate Planning

With the transfer of the benefits of your life’s work in the balance, it is critical to take great care to get the details correct when planning your estate. It is equally important to work with an attorney who not only understands the laws and estate planning options available, but who will take the time to understand your goals and work with you individually to achieve them.  At the Law Office of Aaron Weinmann, PLLC, we have helped people throughout the Houston area in all types of estate planning matters. We offer affordable payment plans, flat fees on simple will packages, and free consultations. Speak to an estate planning lawyer today at (832) 875-7309 to schedule a no cost consultation to discuss your estate planning goals.

Aaron Weinmann, PLLC we will take time to work with you to carefully plan and draft a comprehensive estate plan. This will work in concert with trusts, powers of attorney, guardianships and other aspects of your estate.  In addition, the Law office of Aaron Weinmann, PLLC will provide you with personalized legal advice. We also offer affordable payment plans for most simple will packages.

Common estate planning documents included in a flat fee will package include:
  •  A will and testament. This is the heart of your estate planning and illustrates your last wishes.  Many people procrastinate crafting their wills, or they do it quickly with do-it-yourself online forms. Neither of these approaches is smart, though. Delays could result in the probate court and statutes determining how your wealth will be distributed. The do-it-yourself forms could result in simple errors and oversights that could result in significant inefficiencies. This could mean losses for you and your loved ones. Do not take your estate plan lightly. Work with a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to help create an estate plan that meets your needs.
  • An Advanced Medical Directive. This determines what kinds of medical care should be provided to you in the event of incapacity.
  • A Statutory and Durable Power of attorney. This will name an agent to manage your assets and affairs if you become unable to do so. Your agent can begin immediately taking control once you become sick or injured so that obligations and assets do not get left unattended.
  • A Trust is a wealth transfer instrument that may have a number of important benefits over transferring wealth.  There are several different kinds of trusts that may can be created for different purposes.  At the Law Office of Aaron Weinmann, PLLC we can help you establish a trust that will work in concert with your overall estate plan to make sure your interests are protected and your wealth is transferred according to your wishes.

The Law Office of Aaron Weinmann, PLLC will work to protect your family from the challenges that inevitably arise when someone falls ill or passes away.   Contact us today at (832) 875-7309 to schedule a no cost consultation to discuss your estate planning goals.